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LP Lower Back Injury Support With Stays Code 727

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One Size Fits All

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Talar Made Compression Cold Therapy Physio Back Support

Severe Back Pains

If you are playing rugby, football or any other sport or pastime and get a sprain or strain, tear, general overuse injury, to your back then this is the latest in cryotherapy, Talar Made's unique patented cryotherapy system incorporates a gel cold pack covered with frost free lining to allow application directly to the skin. The unique adjustable compression chamber design positioned behind the cold pack provides both contouring and compression around the site of the injury with a unique pump system to increase or decrease compression when required, there are eight designs to ensure all body segments can be treated effectively.
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LP Velcro Back Pain Support Waist Trimmer Code 711

Back Pain Problems

LP Waist Trimmer: Effective in toning and shaping waistline when wearing it during exercise. Excellent support and comfort. May be worn undetected under clothing. A full 1/8" thick neoprene with a double knit nylon exterior lamination. One Size Fits All Waist Sizes: 24" - 44" (61-112cm)
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LP Industrial Back Support For Workmen Code 912

Workmens Back Support Belt

Flexible stays help relieve pressure on lower back. 4 " side pulls provide even compression and support. Features criss-cross shoulder straps, adjustable suspenders and hook and loop closure for a comfortable fit.

Size :

S= 71.1-81.3 cm / 28-32"

M= 83.8-96.5 cm / 33 - 38 "

L= 99.1-111.8 cm / 39 - 44"

XL= 114.3-124.5 cm / 45 - 49"
XXL= 125 -135cm / 50 -54" 

Color : Black 

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LP Magnetic Neoprene Lumbar Support Code 715

Lumbar Back Pain

LP Magnetic Back Support: Can be worn during sports for slimming effect & healthy warming effect.

Aids in the recovery from back pain fatigue.

Improves circulation where applied.

Supports lower back.

Promotes good posture.

One Size Fits All

Waist Sizes:
24" - 44" (61-112cm)

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LP Best Sacro Lumbar Back Support Code 773

Lower Lumbar Back Pain

LP Sacro Lumbar Back Support High: This support is designed to prevent the latent danger of muscular atrophy inherent in conventional spinal support management and to offer a degree of excessively restricting patient mobility. Spinal posture is improved by reduction of the lordosis. Provides a comfortable support to the back and helps relieve lower back pain. For an extra stability, there are four pliable metal stays on the back of the support. Width is adjustable with Velcro fasteners. Size: Measure around the waist. 24½" - 31½"  (65-80cm)    Small 31½" - 35¼"  (80-90cm)    Medium 35¼" - 39¼"  (90-100cm)   Large 39¼" - 43¼"  (100-110cm)  X-Large 431/4" - 471/4" (110cm -120cm) XX-Large
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